Our Business Division

To build world class tires, we bring together diverse skills from a wide range of disciplines. Discover some of the diverse and challenging roles offered by PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk

We provide the company sufficient information transparency to the general public and investors as required by the norm for public companies, managing the public relations, also developing and managing Corporate Responsibility Programs (CSR) of the company.

We ensure availability of infrastructure, machinery, energy, and facilities through the implementation of strategic planning and daily operations to support the company's activities.

We contribute financial expertise to all areas of the company, including the planning, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Gajah Tunggal products around the world.

We provide technical and regulatory expertise related to product safety, fuel economy, facility environmental matters and tire recycling.

We develop, establish, and monitor compliance with the HR policies. General affairs, personnel. and general administration all in line with the current and future need of company’s mission and strategy.

We plan, implement, and maintain IT systems to support the company's business. These activities include the evaluation needs of enterprises, administration system, hardware maintenance and software development.

We ensure the acceptance, storage and delivery of products to meet customer needs and run smoothly according to procedures.

We ensure quality and continuity of plant operations, improve efficiency, improve the productivity of the work force, development, and industrialize new products and promote good manufacturing practices and other standards that would result in consistency in quality with effective costs.

We provide efficient and responsive procurement services and obtain high quality goods, cost, value, and reliability.

We will ensure consistency in the quality of products through the application of appropriate procedures and systems.

We develop new products based on deep understanding of the dynamics of customer preference and the current and future development of transportation technology and industry.

We build and develop product sales in the markets. We also build productive relationships between the company and customers to ensure our products meet their needs.

We promote and fosters individual and organizational effectiveness by developing an array of innovative and diverse programs in support of the organization’s commitment to employee development, partnerships, and organizational enrichment.